About VSN

The Family You Can Trust
Our Mission
At Vital Strength Nutrition our mission is to change the course of obesity, so that people can live longer healthier lives, and inspire future generations to do the same. We believe that people deserve to live with an abundance of love, health, happiness, and freedom; freedom from illness, freedom from pain,  We believe that every living person deserves vitality.

Vital Strength Nutrition LLC, DBA Vital Strength Nutrition is a family owned and operated nutritional supplement company whose products are organic, gluten free, stimulant free, and pharmaceutical grade. We conduct business online at www.vitalstrengthnutrition.com, and via phone at 267-202-5199. Our team consists of 6 highly skilled and motivated family members. Our CEO is a versatile entrepreneur with 25 years of sales, service, personal training, and management experience in the nutritional supplement and fitness industries. His expertise is consulting with clientele to structure a fitness-training regimen, combined with a complete nutritional supplement plan to achieve optimal results. Our President is a young and versatile entrepreneur with a combined 3 years of sales, service, operations, and marketing experience with expertise in copywriting. The four remaining members of our team combine for 40 years of sales, database management, logistics, and personal training. Our company continually creates unique “Health Systems” that cater to our customers’ specific health conditions and fitness goals. Every “Health System” comes with a complete meal plan guideline to educate our customers on healthy eating habits. Once a month, training tips, cooking tips, and supplement tips are posted on our website to educate our customers on living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Throughout the year we will travel to various elementary schools, and conduct educational lectures about the benefits and importance of a healthy lifestyle.